Voice of Agony

Those words unsaid was never divulged in my heart,
I was drowning in isolation that drifted apart
My body weakens and my knees started to frail,
I am a disgrace to this world that made me wail.



There’s nothing new like having your memory erased,
Most unforgotten that happened, best thing I’ll ever taste
Though these days were build to be a key to set me free,
Yet I couldn’t predict the cost that all of this would be.



The sadness and regrets have slowly tears me apart,
It quickly drives me insane, that shatters my heart
I just want to forget bad memories in the past,
but the fact, I cannot forget so forever it will lasts.



You’ll never be a memory, since I will never go away,
through storms you reach, words won’t be needed to say
But the fact that all memories are now filled with pain,
making my eyes blurry and dark with rain.



Until the day that I talked to God my father,
and visualize his glory, the deep pain of our story
As he pour his mercy,
From his tortuous , redemptive Cross
Then I realize that hope wasn’t crucified.